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Design and construction oversight (Renovation)

Sector: Aviation
Project: Design

FEI provided fire protection engineering and code consulting services for the upgrade of the fire suppression and alarm systems at an aircraft hangar and associated fire pump house. The aircraft hangar fire suppression system was upgraded to accommodate larger, fueled aircraft. The fire pump system was upgraded to provide an adequate fire suppression water supply for the hangar.

FEI’s staff developed the overall fire protection and life safety design criteriaincluding the fire protection systems as well as the architectural, mechanical, electrical, civil and structural features as they relate to fire protection and life safety. As the aircraft hangar had existing AFFF foam-water sprinkler and under-wing AFFF fire suppression systems, the new systems had to be integrated into the existing systems to provide the most reliability for the least cost.

Our services included:

  • Development of fire protection and life safety criteria.
  • Design of the fire sprinkler, low-level high-expansion foam and fire alarm systems.
  • Negotiation with the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • Responding to contractor RFI’s.
  • Reviewing fire protection contractor installation submittals.
  • Performing in-progress site reviews to ensure compliance with the design intent.
  • Witnessing acceptance testing for the fire protection systems.




The project involved:

  • 41,000 square foot aircraft maintenance bay.
  • 17,140 square feet of administrative/support space.
  • 600 square foot fire pump building.
  • Conversion of an existing deluge AFFF foam-water sprinkler system to wet pipe automatic sprinklers.
  • Conversion of an existing AFFF monitor fire suppression system to a low-level, high-expansion foam fire suppression system.
  • Installation of a new automatic wet pipe sprinkler system.
  • Replacement of the existing foam releasing system and building fire alarm system with a new foam releasing system and a new fire alarm system.
  • Replacement of the existing fire pump system.