Salt River Project Information Systems Building

Salt-River-ProjectAs one of the nation’s largest public power utilities, Salt River Project (SRP) provides electricity and water to more than two million people in Central Arizona. SRP engaged Fisher Engineering, Inc. (FEI) to review the smoke control system in its Information Systems Building (ISB) in Tempe, AZ.

Constructed in 1989, the six-story ISB is considered a high-rise structure as defined by current building codes. A smoke control system was included in the building design, but the system had not been tested or maintained. SRP wanted to determine whether the system would function as originally designed.

To meet SRP’s needs, FEI reviewed available documents to understand the original design’s intent and the system’s operation; reviewed the code of record to understand the requirements under which the building was originally constructed; reviewed current code requirements to compare the smoke control design to those requirements, observed the operation of the smoke control system and firefighter’s control panel; spot-checked some of the installed smoke control equipment to understand the system’s performance and code compliance; and developed a report documenting FEI’s activities, findings, and recommendations.


Salt River Project (SRP)


Salt River Project (SRP)


Tempe, AZ

Services Provided

  • Design documents review
  • Code review and research
  • Observation of system operation
  • Equipment review
  • Development of smoke control system assessment report

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